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Spookala Lineup 2023

Matthew Lillard
Kevin Smith
David Arquette
Freddie Prinze Jr
Chris Sarandon
Michael Rooker
Skeet Ulrich
Rose Mciver
Kellen Goff
Fiona Dourif
Spencer Charnas
Nick Castle
Devon Sawa
Laurie Holden
Jamie Kennedy
Ross Marquand
Ken Page
Tyler Mane
Steven Ogg
Shawn Hatosy
Joseph Whipp
Kristy Swanson
Joey Lauren Adams
Sandy Johnson
Lee Waddell
Debi Durst
Glenn Walters

Spookala Highlights:

Spookala, an enigmatic nocturnal festival, blends mystique and celebration. Amidst moonlit gardens, it weaves a tapestry of intrigue, enchanting attendees with a spellbinding aura. Unique performances mesmerize, while ethereal decorations create an immersive dreamscape. Participants adorned in elaborate costumes embrace the eerie ambiance. Culinary delights, from tantalizing treats to elixirs, cater to daring palates. Shadows dance to melodies, merging folklore with contemporary beats. Spookala unites diverse traditions in a harmonious spectacle, where the uncanny meets the captivating. This annual event evokes a sense of wonder, kindling a collective passion for the enigmatic and magical, etching unforgettable memories.